Reset the puzzle box to the origin


Put the lid and slider back on the burial chamber.

Adjust the gear so that the hole in the gear matches the hole in the floor.

Then insert the key.

Then put on the lid.

Tip: The lid must fit on the latch, which is moved by the key.

Then the key can be pulled out. Here it is important that the hole of the gear and the bottom match. If this is not 100% the case, a pointed object can be used to help

Then the small slider can be used.

The wheels must be adjusted to the position so that the two larger holes are free.

Then the "shoe" can be insert.

Now the slider can be introduced.

The triangle with the 2 letters can be reinserted and the slider can be closed again

Then the ship can be moved to the right again.

After that you can push the triangle upwards.

And push the wheels Y G M N back in.

The wheels can then be adjusted again at random.

The upper 4 sliders can be set back to their initial position

Then the key and the small triangle can be reinserted.

Then the "Bird" can be put in.

And finally the small snakes are pushed back again.

Done! Now the box can be solve again. :)