The Mystery of the Pharaoh

Today is your day! It's time to break the mold and break new ground - on an exciting journey through space and time. Imagine you are a renowned archaeologist who is very close to a sensational find. You are in legendary Egypt, the land of the pharaohs. Numerous mysteries are just waiting to be solved in the many undiscovered burial chambers of the pyramids. From you! What treasures are hiding behind the well-sealed walls?

Take the risk now and start your search. You need a keen eye, razor-sharp power of deduction and a bit of skill. Are you ready? Then the mysterious artifact you found during the last dig is your first challenge. Decipher the hieroglyphs and reveal his secret. If there is a true explorer in you, it will open its gates to you. Then you can discover what has remained hidden from mankind for thousands of years: a treasure of incredible value - which will also be the clue for your next adventure...