Below you will find the solution to the Maya's Myths Puzzle Box

On this page you will find the solution to the riddle.

Have fun puzzling!

You can use the numbers 7 8 9 to open and close the final compartment directly to place a gift inside. Once you have set the numbers, all you need to do is turn the wheel to open the shutter.

The first step is to solve the labyrinth.

You will then see the next puzzle that can be solved

Find the 3 number code: If you count each corner of the filled symbols, you will get the solution. 3 - 6 - 8

You can adjust the sliders with the number code.

The Mayan number system is used as a marker here

Then the slide can be opened.

In the opened hole you will find puzzle pieces

Now you can start puzzling.

We have also included another picture here showing the puzzle pieces in different colors.

Now you have the solution word for the first symbol. EIGHT (8)

Now you can use the disc. You need the keyword: “pbsbk” which is on the back.

You also need the KEY. You get this by feeling the number “3” inside the hole.

The disc can now be stopped. The starting position is where the small letters match the large letters. (a=A)

Now the disc can be moved by 3 positions (KEY)

With the keyword “pbsbk” you now get the solution SEVEN (7)

Now you can put the following parts in the correct Rhine sequence.


You can solve the puzzle by substituting numbers for the different symbols.

Diamond = 1

Circle = 2

Triangle = 3

Star = 4

So the solution to the question marks is 4 1 4.

You can add these numbers together and get 9

Now you have all the numbers to open the final compartment.

You can close the shutter again and adjust the numbers randomly.

You can then randomly move puzzle pieces again.

You can then put the puzzle pieces back into the hole.

Then the slider can be put back in. So that the hole is closed. It is important to ensure that the top 3 sliders are set correctly (3 6 8)

Slide the maze back to the starting position.

Now the puzzle box can be solved again by other players.