The final compartment can be closed again

It is important to ensure that the sliders are set to the correct symbols.

1 = toga

2 = lyre

3= coins

4 = Arch

Then the sliders can be pushed in and the columns can be pushed to the left again.

The stencils can be placed back in the compartment.

Then the compartment can be locked by locking the lock with the key and then randomly adjusting the wheels.

The key can then be placed back in the drawer and the lock can be closed by the drawer

The drawer can be reinserted.

Then the 3 sliders can be pushed back in, please note the sequence of the Rhine in which they are placed.

The sliders are marked 1-3.

Then the side slider can be inserted.

It is important to ensure that the other sliders are set to "bda".

As a final step, the piece of wood can be reinserted.

Complete! Now the box can be released again. :)