Below is the solution of the Pharos's Secret Puzzle Box

On this page you will find tips and hints as well as the exact solution to the puzzle. If you get stuck, it's best to look at the tips and hints first.

Have fun on puzzling!

Move the little snakes to the left or right, depending on which direction they are facing.

The next piece of the puzzle is the big bird.

Detach the big bird by pulling it forward.

The next piece of the puzzle is the small triangle.

Now pull out the small triangle at the top left.

The next piece of the puzzle is the key.

After that you can pull out the key at the top of the left side.

There are 4 sliders, see what you can do with them.

The 4 sliders can be pushed to the right one after the other.

Look at the symbols that can now be seen by moving the 4 sliders.

Behind each slider there is a symbol.

This can be searched for on the puzzle box. Thereby one receives:

Look at the puzzle box and try to fill in the letters.

These letters can then be adjusted on the wheels and pulled out a bit to the front.

You can put the wheels in a different position so they don't slide back in.

It continues on the opposite side.

Subsequently, the triangle can be pushed down on the opposite side.

Look at the ship page.

Then you can move the ship a bit to the left and pull out the slider.

What can you do with the letters "B" and "F"?

Behind it is a puzzle piece which has the letters "B" and "F" printed on the back.

You can search for the letters on the puzzle box, then you have the following info:

After that the slider can be pulled out with the triangle:

The "shoe" can then be pulled out from the underside.

Check out what you can do with the 2 wheels.

After that, on the bottom side, the wheels can be set to the following symbols.

What unlocked the 2 wheels setting?

Then the small slider on the side can be pulled out.

Use the key.

Finally, the key can be inserted into this hole so that the puzzle box opens.

The key must remain inserted at this position. Then the top can be opened.

Then the slider can be removed and the burial chamber is open.

Put the lid and slider back on the burial chamber.

Adjust the gear so that the hole in the gear matches the hole in the floor.

Then insert the key.

Then put on the lid.

Tip: The lid must fit on the latch, which is moved by the key.

Then the key can be pulled out. Here it is important that the hole of the gear and the bottom match. If this is not 100% the case, a pointed object can be used to help:

Then the small slider can be used.

The wheels must be adjusted to the position so that the two larger holes are free.

Then the "shoe" can be insert.

Now the slider can be introduced.

The triangle with the 2 letters can be reinserted and the slider can be closed again.

Then the ship can be moved to the right again.

After that you can push the triangle upwards.

And push the wheels Y G M N back in.

The wheels can then be adjusted again at random.

The upper 4 sliders can be set back to their initial position.

Then the key and the small triangle can be reinserted.

Then the "Bird" can be put in.

And finally the small snakes are pushed back again.

Done! Now the box can be solve again. :)