A Puzzle Box is a mechanical puzzle made out of wood. It consists of several parts that are put together by hand. This can be solved with various puzzles and mechanisms.

There is a flyer for each box with a QR code printed on it that leads you to illustrated instructions on how to solve the box and put it back together.

To get to the secret compartment, the box must be completely loosened. Instructions are available with which this can be done in a few minutes so that you don't have to puzzle yourself.

Yes, all INSCAPE boxes can be reset to their origin and solved again.

The difficulty of a wooden puzzle box varies depending on the design. Some puzzle boxes are easier to solve than others.
The level of difficulty is indicated for each box.

Yes, all INSCAPE boxes are for ages 14+.

We use high quality 3.2mm birch wood.

Yes, that's possible because the instructions are also written in English.

The puzzle box is delivered assembled, it is sent in a high-quality magnetic box that is padded with foam on the inside.
In addition, the magnetic box comes in a neutral cardboard box.
An instruction manual is included.

Yes, you can
return the item within 14 days of receipt. You must send the item yourself (at your own expense) to us at the following address:
Mittelrhein Logistik Hermann-Luchterhand-Straße 10, 56566 Neuwied, Germany
Upon receipt of the product, we will refund the full
purchase amount.

Our puzzle box is laser cut from 3.2mm birch wood. This technology makes it possible to cut and engrave the wood into the desired shapes with great precision.
The process begins with the creation of a computer-aided drawing (CAD) of the puzzle design.
This drawing is then fed into the laser controller and the laser cuts the wood according to the given shapes.
After the wood has been cut, the parts are assembled by hand.