Maya's Myths

The click of the last cog echoes in the chamber. You have solved them, the riddles of the gods of death. Like the twins Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué, you have worked your way through the darkness and confusion of posterity of mighty spirits.

As you push the last lever of the box into place, you hear the machinery hiss one last time before you can open it. The Box of Twins, Moon and Sun. And as immortal as they are in our sky, so enduring is the little coin that falls into your lap.

You wrap your fingers around the coated metal, the old shine of gold long faded by time and dust. There you hear them. The drums, whose roar twitches through your limbs like hot waves. The singing voices that reach you from far away, past time and space, make you shudder as you close your eyes.

And there you see them. Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué as they play their final ball game against the gods  Hun Came and Vacub Cam. Their strained calls echo from the mossy steps. The taunting laughter of the gods comes to your ears as they turn to you. Seeking help. Wondering. Surprised to see you.

The ball flies through the air again and bounces off the old stone with a rumble of thunder.

Even the gods stop. Their feather headdresses glisten unnaturally in the hot sun as they lift their heads to see you too.

But none of the four figures at the foot of the stair pyramid moves, which you laboriously climbed just a few hours ago.

"It's too early," you hear a voice say. But nobody's lips move.

"Your search is not over yet," breathes another voice in your ear.

"You haven't found them all yet," hisses a third one.

"Keep looking, and you'll soon find the truth," laughs a fourth.

Surprised, you open your eyes again and look down at the coin in your hand. As if it had just been minted, it sparkles in your hand.

Take good care of it, brave explorer. You will need this coin and all the others you have found and will find in your search for the truth.

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