You have finally reached it, brave explorer, the Temple of the twins Hunahpu and Ixbalanque. The twins became the sun and moon, according to Quichè-Maya legends. On the stone altar, illuminated by the hot sun and shaded by the moonlight, you find what you have been looking for. A small box embedded in stone. Slowly you pick it up, looking at it from all sides. Mysterious carvings ripple under your fingers. A riddle. Old and sacred. 

Then you hear it- crunching and hissing. The breaking of stone and wood fills the twilight. As you turn around, it crashes over you. Water and sand. The elements of death and life. You run down the steps quickly, trying to escape the floods tearing your feet away from under your body.

You fall. Your skull slams against rocks and drifting timber as the water wafts through the myriad halls you've just crossed. You can't breathe anymore; your eyes don't want to open in the murky wet surrounding you.

You hear nothing but the roar of the water and feel nothing but the crashing of boulders against your body. But you don't let go. The box. It is pressed tightly against your body. You didn't come all the way to Yucatan only to lose it in the floods of divine punishment.

As fast as you are floating in the dark water, you are lying at the bottom of the steps leading to the exit. In your arms, the box is held tight to your chest. Coughing, you fight your way up the stairs toward the sun, which welcomes you with its warm rays.

At the highest step, you sit down and look at the small box that you managed to save from the water.

You examine the mysterious box from all sides. Feel the bolts and mechanisms that are so foreign to you. But with your knowledge, you know that you will solve the mystery. And like the twins, you, too, will wander through the underworld to uncover the box's secret.

But be careful. Tranquility and modesty pave the way through the underworld.