Hello, I'm Aljoscha

Founder of INSCAPE BOX.

As the founder of INSCAPE BOX, I am super happy to have turned my passion for Escape Room puzzles into a unique and entertaining experience for people all over the world - the INSCAPE BOX. My attention to detail and fascination with the combination of puzzles and stories led me to the idea of INSCAPE BOX - the Escape Room in a Puzzle Box.

As the name suggests, INSCAPE BOX is about getting inside our themed boxes by solving clever puzzles, where treasure awaits the players.

When I developed the concept, it was important to me that the boxes be suitable for the whole family and that they be able to immerse themselves in a themed world all their own. My goal is that everyone who opens an INSCAPE BOX is immediately swept away by the story and the puzzles. I'm proud to have created an environment with INSCAPE BOX that invites people to use their minds, unleash their creativity, and immerse themselves in a world of adventure and mystery.

One of the biggest challenges in developing INSCAPE BOX was to make the puzzles accessible to everyone. It was important to me that everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced puzzle lover, would have fun solving our puzzle boxes. I wanted the boxes to not only be challenging, but also to remain understandable and solvable for everyone.

I am proud that I was able to create an environment that invites people to use their minds and unleash their creativity. Each box of INSCAPE BOX is unique and offers players a new and exciting challenge.

Thank you for joining us on the journey of INSCAPE BOX. You can look forward to exciting puzzles and many different boxes.

PS: new boxes with different stories, puzzles and levels of difficulty will be developed for you on a regular basis. So you can leave the daily grind behind and immerse yourself in an exciting puzzle time with friends and family or all by yourself.

In this sense: Let the puzzle begin!